Survivor (ainoko_ironrose) wrote,

^(%^&$)%^@$%^@$*%^$*@_%^$&*@_% IDIOT!!!!

Him and technology needs to get a divorce, NOW!!!

And that is just putting it lightly. He did something bad to his laptop yesterday or today and refuses to tell me what he did. I first found out that there was a problem with his laptop when I hear "Ainoko, I need to ask you a question..." in his so called 'flirting tone'. I am already headdesking as I ask him what's wrong. His reply? "Oh there's nothing wrong, I need your computer expertise. BIOS just appeared on my screen after I turned my computer on. What is BIOS?" I asked him what did he do and he said that he did nothing, all he did was shut his PC down before going to bed last night. At this point I am going rrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhtttttt, you did something stupid and your PC shut down and you refuse to admit it.

So I go see what was going on and I see that the SysBios utility screen is on. I asked him did he do anything in the Bios screen, he said no and went to exit the utility. And what do I get" This: Save changes before exiting? I ask him again, are you sure that you DID NOT do anything here? He said no. So I proceed to exit without saving and guess what? WINDOWS FAILED TO BOOT!

Now I am in the doghouse for NOT being able to read his senile, rotted mind and screwing up his laptop. So currently, I have his laptop doing a start up repair and if that doesn't work then I am going to have to re-image the piece of shit laptop.

As of right now, I have made sure that my password for my desktop has been changed and enabled since I don't trust him to stay off it.

Bad new: the start up repair failed and I am going to have to re-image the fucking laptop. And I will have to take it to school and get a copy of Windows 7 as he seems to have lost his copy.

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