January 3rd, 2015

Ainoko #20


What is with people nowadays?

A wonderful storm rolled through the DFW area last night and in the process, took out the power of a good half of our delivery area which contained about 35 apartment complexes. And customers were getting pissed off because *LE GASP!!!* we could not get into their complex to deliver their pizzas and they had to come to the gate in the rain to get their order. It's not my fault that they chose to live in a complex that pretty much traps them in such situations. If there is no power in the area and in your gated apartment complex, what makes you think that we delivery drivers have the ability to magically open powered gates just by looking at them?

Then for the icing on the cake, we had the most bitchy customer ever for the last delivery...

The customer ripped into me for being white and telling me that "WE NEED TO HIRE SOME BLACK DRIVERS AS THEY WOULD NOT TREAT ME THIS WAY!" (his words), I told him that a good half of our delivery drivers are black and when it comes to which driver is assigned a delivery run, it is first in first out for the drivers, not to mention, there is no way that we can tell by address, phone number or name if the person we are delivering to is white, black, hispanic etc. and we were telling all customers who called in for deliveries that the delivery times are between 60 - 90 minutes due to the power outage in the area.