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Need I say more?

Answer for question 4280.

If you could erase one memory from your brain, which one would it be? Why do you want to forget this event or time?
I would have the memory of the day that my mother's father died erased from my memory.

I don't want to see my mom's brief moment of insanity just prior to her complete meltdown after she heard about his death. That was the first and only time she was ever sedated for her health and safety. It scared me to no end, and it still does to this very day.


What is with people nowadays?

A wonderful storm rolled through the DFW area last night and in the process, took out the power of a good half of our delivery area which contained about 35 apartment complexes. And customers were getting pissed off because *LE GASP!!!* we could not get into their complex to deliver their pizzas and they had to come to the gate in the rain to get their order. It's not my fault that they chose to live in a complex that pretty much traps them in such situations. If there is no power in the area and in your gated apartment complex, what makes you think that we delivery drivers have the ability to magically open powered gates just by looking at them?

Then for the icing on the cake, we had the most bitchy customer ever for the last delivery...

The customer ripped into me for being white and telling me that "WE NEED TO HIRE SOME BLACK DRIVERS AS THEY WOULD NOT TREAT ME THIS WAY!" (his words), I told him that a good half of our delivery drivers are black and when it comes to which driver is assigned a delivery run, it is first in first out for the drivers, not to mention, there is no way that we can tell by address, phone number or name if the person we are delivering to is white, black, hispanic etc. and we were telling all customers who called in for deliveries that the delivery times are between 60 - 90 minutes due to the power outage in the area.
I honestly believed at one point Zimmerman was guilty, but after seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF-Ax5E8EJc I was forced to rethink my views.
I asked lafeel to be my husband earlier this week and he said yes! What that means is that I am no longer a part of the game of dating. I am officially withdrawing my stats card as I have no plans on ever returning back to the game. Both lafeel and I postponed our announcement here until we told some of our close friends first. I am copy pasting what I said in our conference chat earlier.



I won’t make any promises that are impossible to keep, like promising you the moon, or eternal happiness, or even the finest home ever built. What I can promise as your husband, if you will say yes, is that I will do my best to be a kind and loving man, treating you with the respect that you deserve, I will love you and no other, I will also try to surprise you in ways that will catch you off guard and out of left field. I will do whatever takes not to go to bed angry at you or anyone, I will be forgiving, not holding grudges against anyone whether they deserve it or not. All that I can promise and more.

Love, I am yours, to have and hold, to be by your side for better or worse, good and bad, happiness and illness and everything in between. I am nothing without you, you complete me like no other, you are the yin to my yang, the Abbott to my Costello, and the ice cream to my cake.

What I am saying love, is I want to spend the rest of my days with you not just as your lover, but as your husband. Lafeel, I am formally asking for your hand in marriage, please, I am asking you, please say yes.




Ég mun ekki gera neinar loforð sem er ómögulegt að halda, eins og lofa þér tunglið, eða eilíf hamingja, eða jafnvel besta heimili alltaf byggð. Það sem ég get lofað eins manninn þinn, ef þú segir já, er að ég mun gera mitt besta til að vera góður og elskandi maður, meðhöndla þig með virðingu sem þú átt skilið, ég mun elska þig og ekkert annað, mun ég líka að reyna að koma þér á óvart á þann hátt sem mun ná þér burt vörður og úr vinstri sviði. Ég mun gera hvað sem tekur ekki að fara að sofa reiður á þig eða einhver, mun ég vera að fyrirgefa, ekki halda grudges gegn neinum hvort þeir eiga skilið það eða ekki. Allt sem ég get lofa og fleira.

Elska, ég er þinn, að hafa og halda, að vera við hlið þín fyrir betri eða verri, gott og slæmt, hamingju og veikindi og allt þar á milli. Ég er ekkert án þín, heill þér mig eins og enginn annar, þú ert Yin til Yang míns, Abbott til Costello minn, og ís til kaka minn.

Það sem ég er að segja ást, er ég vil eyða restinni af dögum mínum með þér ekki bara eins og elskhuga þínum, en eins og manninn þinn. Lafeel, ég er formlega að biðja um hönd þína í hjónaband, takk, ég er að biðja þig, vinsamlegast segja já.


We have set our wedding date for 7/22/2014 exactly halfway between our respective birthdays.

This was a long, long time in the making. Is my family happy about this (my grandmother is happy though), no. Do I care, no. Lafeel is my love, my universe, my one and only, he is the one I want to spent the rest of my days with, the one whose arms I want to be in when my time here on Earth is over. I am sacrificing everything I have come to love here in the states to be with him. I know what I am doing is not going to be easy, hell, moving to Iceland to be with my soon to be husband is going to be one of the most difficult times in my life and I wouldn't want it any other way. I love him and he loves me, where this leads we don't know but will follow the path cherishing every experience whether good or bad.

Life has a funny way to make it interesting and how we handle it shows who we are deep down in side.
*dies from the lack of air after laughing my ass off*

This is going to be worth seeing hackles getting raised, totally worth it!!!


Damn my chest hurts something awful, I need some aspirin!


Yeah, you are reading that right, a 17yo girl was arrested and jailed for missing too much school. And here is the kicker...




^(%^&$)%^@$%^@$*%^$*@_%^$&*@_% IDIOT!!!!

Him and technology needs to get a divorce, NOW!!!

And that is just putting it lightly. He did something bad to his laptop yesterday or today and refuses to tell me what he did. I first found out that there was a problem with his laptop when I hear "Ainoko, I need to ask you a question..." in his so called 'flirting tone'. I am already headdesking as I ask him what's wrong. His reply? "Oh there's nothing wrong, I need your computer expertise. BIOS just appeared on my screen after I turned my computer on. What is BIOS?" I asked him what did he do and he said that he did nothing, all he did was shut his PC down before going to bed last night. At this point I am going rrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhtttttt, you did something stupid and your PC shut down and you refuse to admit it.

So I go see what was going on and I see that the SysBios utility screen is on. I asked him did he do anything in the Bios screen, he said no and went to exit the utility. And what do I get" This: Save changes before exiting? I ask him again, are you sure that you DID NOT do anything here? He said no. So I proceed to exit without saving and guess what? WINDOWS FAILED TO BOOT!

Now I am in the doghouse for NOT being able to read his senile, rotted mind and screwing up his laptop. So currently, I have his laptop doing a start up repair and if that doesn't work then I am going to have to re-image the piece of shit laptop.

As of right now, I have made sure that my password for my desktop has been changed and enabled since I don't trust him to stay off it.

Bad new: the start up repair failed and I am going to have to re-image the fucking laptop. And I will have to take it to school and get a copy of Windows 7 as he seems to have lost his copy.

It is because of crap like this that makes me ashamed to be an American.


Basically that means, if you are gay don't live in Delaware because if caught you will be charged with multiple counts of murder.

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